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Spring Sale!!
PYGORA KIDS ARE HERE!  Click here to see the list of 2014 Pygora Kids FOR SALE
Dairy kids are expected to start arriving in May.
 Please check back regularly to meet them!   

     Creekside Acres is a small, family run farm located in the heart of the Hudson Valley.  We started our farm in 2006 as a hobby farm for fun with just two alpacas.  Now, we have a foundation herd of pygora goats, alpacas and a llama.

     All of our animals are friendly, handled on a regular basis and are included in 4-H programs.  Our main breeding goals are for a sound, social temperament and fiber production.  Our animals have color, softness, and density!   Our goats have personality(!), color and softness!  All of our animals are kept in "clean" pastures that are maintained on a daily basis providing for clean fleeces when shearing time comes.  

     Contact Us by Phone:  845.518.1239  

We are ALWAYS open for a Farm Visits!  Call us today to schedule one! 


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