2014 Pygora Kids

Prices:  Bucklings $300-$550, Wethers $125-$250, Doelings $350-$550. Prices are non-negotiable. 

To Purchase:

Any interested party will need to complete the Creekside Acres Breeding Agreement and pay a deposit of $100 per goat purchased.  The balance is due before or on the day your goats are picked up.

Multiple Goat Discount:  When purchasing 3 or more goats you will receive a 10% Multi-Goat Discount. 


Delivery of goats is available for an additional charge.  The delivery charge for the first animal is $150 and $100 for additional animals.  All goats being delivered will be required to have a health exam and health certificate ($45) and meet any Intra-State Testing Requirements.   The health exam, certificate and testing requirement costs are at the expense of the buyer.    

Sales Policy:

We reserve the right to refuse any sale, or cancel any sale, to any person or persons at any time for any reason.  Purchasers are requires to provide their full name, address, and phone number prior to purchase.

Goats can not be 'held' or reserved until a sale date and time are scheduled or a deposit is made.  If you must cancel your purchase after a deposit is made, your full deposit will be forfeited. . If Creekside Acres must cancel your purchase, your entire deposit will be refunded, however, we will not be held liable for any amount over and above the exact amount of your deposit.

PBA Registration:  All kids will be registered before they leave our farm.   You can choose the official name for your goats! They will have their Pre-Registration Certificate.  When they are shorn you will need to complete their registration for their Permanent Registration. 

Pygora Kids For Sale - SOLD OUT FOR 2014!

Click on the pictures below for more pictures and information on each kid!

2014 Naming Theme:  Disney’s Frozen and Marvel Super Heros

2014 Weaning Dates: 5/15/14-6/15/14